Parent or Carer Support

Parenting can be a challenging job at the best of times, but when a child has experienced past trauma, this task can become even harder. Sometimes the usual strategies just don’t seem to work.

At Oasis Psychology, I support parents and carers to explore why their children may be behaving in a way that challenges them and to use therapeutic techniques to help everyone feel happier at home.

Therapeutic parenting sessions are relationship focused and informed by the concepts of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) and DDP. Time may be spent in the sessions exploring parents and carers own experiences of relationships and how these interact with the experiences of the child.

Time can be spent exploring why traditional strategies don't seem to be effective for children with attachment needs and trauma and alternative ways of parenting can be thought through and implemented.

Parents and carers often find having space to reflect on their experiences with their child leads to changes in the relationship and from this an improvement in the child’s behaviour.


Therapeutic parent or carer sessions from £130 per hour

Parent or Carer Support

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